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Backgammon Strategy

Basic Backgammon Tips

Anchoring - This is a method of creating defensive points in your oppositions home board. It means that if you get hit, you'll have at least a landing spot to enter back into the game. It also prevents your opponent from completing his home board to bear off. Early in the game try to get a couple of high points on the home board. This will create a strategy where you will look for a shot to grab the better position.

Blocking and Priming - You can try to prevent your opposition escaping by building points without any gaps on your home board. Getting these early positions will create a strong blockade. If you manage to get six points in a row, it is called a prime. This means that it is totally impossible for the opposition to escape as long as you hold that position.

Distribution - This is how spread out your pieces are on the playing board. It is always better to have three pieces on at least 2 different points rather than to have 4 occupying a single point.

Exposure - Try to establish a strong offense or defence by not leaving shots early in the game. As your oppositions home board gets stronger, be more aware. The more points he has on his home board the harder it will be for you to enter if you get hit.
Of course the opposite makes your line stronger if you occupy more of your oppositions home board.

Hitting - Always try to hit pieces that are further along the game than the early ones. It makes more sense to swallow all those moves it has taken for that piece to get there. Attack only when it looks to your advantage, otherwise a hit sometimes might expose your position.

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