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Welcome to Backgammon Games

Find out here where you can play online backgammon for real or fun money. We also have sections to help you improve your game and a selection of books that we think you should read.

Learn how to play the game of backgammon and what are the legal and non-legal moves in a game.
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Read About some tips to help you beat your opposition.
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Find out what those backgammon terms mean, like the difference between breaking a point and to break contact.
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Check out our list of recommended backgammon books. A small selection of the most prolific writing on backgammon.
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Discover a little about the history of backgammon and where the roots of the game began.
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Find out where you can play backgammon online for both real and fun money. Tournaments are also popular now, so check out our recommendations.
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